Sunday, 13 March 2016

Yogscart First Update - 14/03/2016

I'm Robo_Chiz, and I'm the lead programmer of Yogscart!

And this... is our NEW Development Blog!!!!

I've started this to encourage me to share more details about the game and how it's progressing. Previous methods were either too slow (Indie DB) or restrictive with word counts (Twitter), so hopefully you'll all be able to get your Yogscart fix here! I'm hoping to try and update it each week with whatever I've been working on, and I'll try and have some special perks for reading the blog. It's all very experimental, so we'll see how it goes...

So an update on the state of the game...
The last build we released around Christmas has been received pretty positively. Bugs have been found and fixed, and we have a new update ready to ship once we've got enough content ready to go with it. However since that build there has been a slight break within the project. This is mainly due to the fact that Unity (the game's engine) has decided in recent updates to try and stop people from using JavaScript (the language we coded the game in). This is quite annoying as it means I have to convert the game over to C#, getting rid of most of the progress we've made in the last year.

However it's not all bad news! Our current plan is to split the project into two builds...
Yogscart Alpha 1.3 & Yogscart C# Alpha V0.1
How this'll work is that the "Yogscart Alpha" build will be updated every time we have new content available, meanwhile the "C# Alpha" will be updated regularly with features and bug fixes until a point where it surpasses the main build. Obviously this means that the "C# Alpha" will be an inferior game, however I'm hoping that the frequent releases will allow you to see how quickly we are making progress.

The "C# Alpha" isn't quite ready for release yet, so stay tuned for more details...

Content Stuff
In regards to new content, we're happy to announce that work has begone on the Duncan model and we're hoping to have it completed soon. Obviously Beardbotnik is very busy, so we currently have no ETA on that but the screenshots we're getting are promising.

Besides from that, Ross has started working on a few new tracks that'll hopefully make it into the new build.

In other news, we're still desperately searching for more 3D artists and animators, so if you're interested, then send us an email with your portfolio to:

Christmas Live Streams
Finally we want to say a huge "Thank You!" to everyone that tuned in to our Christmas live streams. It's really nice to see your support in the chat. We'd also like to thank the amazing Caffcast for playing Yogscart on the official Yogscast stream. It meant the world to us and you can watch him do it here:

Thanks for reading this sort of introductory update, and I hope that you'll continue to support and share the game.



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